A Brief Word


You seem to have arrived at my small corner of the Internet. Please, make yourself at home.

I think you'll find a little bit of information about me on this site, but I encourage you to send me a tweet, and I will answer any questions on Twitter.

Without giving all the good stuff away up front, I'll let you know that I'm fond of change. Starting something, taking an adventure, or meeting fascinating people are all far more interesting to me than settling down and being comfortable.

I'm fascinated by how we solve problems and the application of existing tools or creation of new tools that allow us to do so.

I do not ask for permission.

My Resume


I am part of Boost Partners, a firm dedicated to helping companies grow. We bring a unique blend of analysis, strategy, and creativity to solve problems and help clients be just a bit better than the next guy.

My passion project, which we have just rebooted, is SuggestedServing, a publication dedicated to telling the stories of the coolest stuff in Richmond.

Additionally, I am enrolled in the VCU Brandcenter, where I am studying Creative Technology. What, you ask, is Creative Technology? While there is not a concrete definition, I would describe it as strategy and design for today's marketplace and the marketplace of the future. I enjoy working on projects which disregard the divisions among communication, product, and technology.

Before that...

I worked at a couple of startups in New York. After being part of a crash-and-burn startup, I landed at KAYAK, where I focused on digital marketing and advertising. I left KAYAK to be part of the team that launched Jetsetter.com, where I built out marketing programs across many channels. Download a full resume.

Get in Touch!

I'm quite friendly, and I love to meet people with a passion for what they do. Connect with me through Twitter, LinkedIn, or Tumblr!